Abdullah Atham

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Abdullah Atham was a contemporary of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in British India who converted from Islam to Christianity and began publishing abusive literature against his former faith. He described the prophet of Islam, Muhammadsa, as the evil anti-Christ and entered into a debate with Ahmad. During the debate, Ahmad foretold:

Out of the two parties in this debate, the one who was deliberately following a falsehood and abandoning the true God and transforming a weak mortal into a God shall, within the days since the debate - one month since this day till fifteen months thereafter - be thrown into hell and will be greatly disgraced provided it is not inclined towards the truth.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Jange Muqaddis

When Atham survived the 15 months of the prophecy, Ahmad's critics claimed it had failed, to which Ahmad responded by pointing out the original wording stated Atahm would be punished 'provided [he] is not inclined towards the truth'. Adding weight to Ahmad's argument Atham 'inclined towards the truth' by amending his ways were the facts in the intervening 15 months Atham had abandoned his career as a Christian preacher. At this, Christian leaders approached Atham and asked him to sign a statement declaring he had not recanted from his previous views. Atham refused despite being offered 4,000 rupees - an enormous sum at the time - to make the statement.

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