Pandit Lekh Ram

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Pandit Lekh Ram (1858-1897) was a leader of the Arya Samaj religion and a vicious opponent of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He repeatedly wrote derogatory abuse against the prophet of Islam, Muhammadsa, as well as publishing defamatory statements against the character of Ahmad. Lekh Ram even went so far as to 'prophecise' Ahmad would be killed by 1889 (he lived to 1908) and demanded Ahmad offer a sign. 

Ahmad responded to Ram's abuse of Muhammadsa by meeting his demand for a sign . In 1893, he foretold Ram would meet an unusual punishment from God by 1899, close to the day of the Eid festival:

God has vouchsafed to me that He had heard my prayer about the enemy of God...Lekh Ram Peshawari. He told me that he would meet his death - the same person who heaps vilest abuses on the august person of the Holy Prophetsa...God told me that he would die within six years and it would be a living sign.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Karamatus Sadiqeen

Ram replied by attacking Islam once more: 

All the books - the Torah, Bible and the Quran are all man-made, false and the basis of these books is either greed, stupidity or sword and nothing else. My adversary, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad says that the Quran is the word of God and all its teachings true and everlasting. Oh God! Of the two of us, give your divine judgement who is true and who is a liar? For the liar does not find place of honour with you.

Lekh Ram, Khutba Ahmadiyya

However Ahmad's prophecy was fulfilled when Ram was murdered in his house during the Eid festival of 1897 by a man Ram had converted from Islam to his own Arya Samaj beliefs. Despite a large number of people being in and around the house at the time, the convert was never apprehended or seen again. The British police of India investigated the affair and Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his followers were entirely exonerated of any wrongdoing in the affair. 

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