Muhammadi Begum

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Muhammadi Begum was a lady from a clan of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's distant cousins who, having become atheists, initially opposed his claim, and published literature abusive towards the prophet of Islam, Muhammadsa. Later, Begum's father, Mirza Ahmad Beg, asked Ahmad for a gift of some of Ahmad's land. Ahmad responded: 

God directed me through revelation that I should seek the hand of his elder daughter in marriage and should tell him that he should first establish this relationship with me and should thereby seek light from my light. I was also directed to tell him that I had been commanded to let him have the land which he had asked for and even some more and to show benevolence towards him in many ways, provided he would agree to the marriage of his elder daughter to me. This would be a covenant between us and if he agreed to it he would find me a good party to it, but if he did not agree to it I was to warn him that I had been informed by God that her marriage to anyone else would not prove blessed for the person she marries nor for her father. If he did not comply with my request he would be afflicted with misfortunes culminating in his death. He would die within three years of the marriage. Indeed, his death might occur earlier at a time when he is unaware. 

- Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Ayena Kamalat-e-Islam 

Beg refused Ahmad's request for marriage to his daughter. Instead, she was married to Mirza Sultan Muhammad. Within six months, Beg passed away. Following the fulfillment of Ahmad's prophecy, the majority of Muhammadi Begum's family accepted Ahmad and remain so to this day. Muhammadi Begum's husband said:

I have always, and still consider the late Mirza sahib [ie Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad] a righteous and respected person who was a servant of Islam, who had a noble spirit and who was constant in his remembrance of God. I entertain no opposition to his followers.

Mirza Sultan Muhammad, Tashizul Azhan May 1913

At the time of the prophecy, the Arya Hindus, because of Lekh Ram and the Christians, because of Atham, offered me a hundred thousand rupees to file a case against Mirza sahib. If I had taken the amount I would have become rich but it was my great faith in him that prevented me from doing so...I declare on oath that I have such firm faith in Hazrat Mirza sahib which I think even you, who profess to be his followers, cannot claim.

- Mirza Sultan Muhammad, Al Fazl 9 June 1921 

Meanwhile, Muhammadi Begum's son stated:

My grandfather, Mirza Ahmad Beg died as a result of the prophecy and the rest of the family became frightened and hence reformed themselves. An undeniable proof of this is that most of them joined Ahmadiyya.

Mirza Ishaq Beg, Al Fazl 26 February 1923