Aalay Imran

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   Chapter 3 of the Quran  
Family of Imran

Date of RevelationMedinian
Number of Verses201

The connection of the subject-matter of Aalay Imran with the preceding chapter, AI-Baqarah, mainly consists in a description of the causes that led to the transfer of prophethood from the Mosaic to the Islamic dispensation. This was the main theme of AI-Baqarah, and in explanation the decline of Judaism was dealt with at some length in that chapter. But little light was shed on Christianity, which constitutes the culmination of the Mosaic dispensation. This omission could have given rise to doubts in the minds of some people that though Judaism which constituted the beginning of the Mosaic dispensation had corrupted, its culmination, the Christian faith, was still pure; and hence, there was no necessity to introduce and establish a new religion - Islam

To remove this seemingly legitimate doubt, the hollowness of the current Christian doctrines has been addressed in this chapter. The chapter proceeds to contend that, as the Christian faith which had reformed and regenerated Judaism had itself become corrupted, it could not prove a bar in the way of the introduction of a new and better dispensation. On the contrary, it constituted a strong testimony to the need for the introduction of a new Law.