Al Anaam

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   Chapter 6 of the Quran  
The Cattle

Date of RevelationMeccan   
Number of Verses166

According to most accounts, the whole chapter was revealed in one portion; and as reported by some traditionists, as many as 70,000 angels stood guard when it was being revealed, which points to the high position it holds and the special protection which was afforded to its subject-matter. Al Anaam probably derives its title from the subject dealt with in verses 137-139 where cattle (the word Anaam meaning 'cattle') have been criticised as one of the main causes of idolatry.

While the previous four chapters dealt with the faiths of Israelite origin (Judaism and Christianity) the present chapter moves on to analysing the doctrines of other world religions including Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, polytheistic and idolatrous faiths.