Al Nisa

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   Chapter 4 of the Quran  
The Women

Date of RevelationMedinian
Number of Verses177

As in the preceding chapter, Aalay Imran, the Christian Faith constitutes the main theme here, but greater space has been assigned to a comparison of the detailed teachings of the two religions, Islam and Christianity, with special reference to the progress and domination of Christianity in the Latter Days. As in the Latter Days, Christianity was loudly to profess and proclaim its superiority over Islam on the basis of its teachings regarding women, this chapter largely deals with them, and contends these teachings are infinitely superior to those of Christianity. 

This chapter is the first among divine revelations to safeguard the rights of women. They are not only given the right of inheritance along with men but have also been declared to be the masters and arbiters of their property. 

The second main topic dealt with in this chapter is that of hypocrisy. As in the Latter Days Christianity was to gain world-wide predominance and a large number of Muslims were to live under Christian governments and, as a result of their subservience to Christian rulers and their fear of Christian criticism of Islam, they were to adopt an hypocritical attitude towards their own faith, the subject of hypocrisy has been particularly treated in this chapter and light is thrown on the depths to which an hypocrite sinks spiritually and temporally.