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Sunnism is a branch of Islam comprised of several schools and numerous sub-sects which hold many loosely similar religious interpretations. Its adherents are known as Sunni Muslims, Sunnis, and Sunnites. 

Ahmadiyya View of Sunni saints & scholars

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community generally reveres all the saints and scholars of Islamic history. On the four great Sunni imams of Islamic jurisprudence it has been said:

Imam Abu Hanifa’s fatawa were very largely accepted by the umma and unless we find reasons to disagree with him, we will generally follow fiqh Hanifia, but if in some places we find Imam Shafi closer to the Quran and hadith than Imam Abu Hanifa then we will follow him. If Hazrat Imam Malik is found to be closest then we would follow him. Personally I believe that Hazrat Imam Malik was not only nearest to the respected Messengersa of Allah in time, but he was also the first collector of ahadith. Muwatta Imam Malik - although it is not counted among the books of ahadith - that is traditions of the Holy Prophet - but it is one of the most authentic books on hadith which was ever written...he was blessed by Allah with a very special ability of jurisprudence, so on the whole I think Hazrat Imam Malik can also be bracketed with Hazrat Imam Abu Hanifa.

Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Question & Answer Session 3 March 1996

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